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Resource Center and Collaborative Community

Ensure everyone in your group or organization has accurate, up-to-date information in a secure, private online environment. Or, establish a community where peers and stakeholders can interact and collaborate.

Within3’s online resource centers enable you to disseminate resources to members you invite, eliminating concerns about version control or access issues. 

Collaborative communities provide a central repository for documents, videos, news updates, and more. Members can ask questions and discuss topics in a 24/7 environment.

Purpose-built environment

Customized for your needs

Available navigation features include sections for announcements, FAQs, events, member directories, and more. Invite participants with optional features like terms of use and community guidelines. Use in tandem with our group engagement application to stand up steering committees or advisory boards.

Powerful engagement tools

Strengthen connections

Stakeholders can find information, ask questions, and obtain the latest news and updates. Set up automated digest emails so members know when to view new resources, or let participants subscribe to the updates they want to receive.

Dedicated client success team

Expert support

We’ll help you get started with your Resource Center or Collaborative Community, with a project plan, editorial calendar templates, training, best practices, and technical help.

Business Results

Better relationships

Stay in touch with critical stakeholders year-round to build awareness and achieve buy-in for crucial initiatives.

Ensure consistency

All members get the same critical information simultaneously, so essential projects stay on track.

Increased agility

Pair with other platform features to get more value from all your important engagements.

Client Results

Unlock the transformative power of insights

Discover how insights management can transform your business operations and accelerate key milestone achievements.

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