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Steering Committees and Panels

Engage with steering committees and expert panels all year or on short notice. Organize materials, post feedback, answer questions, and accomplish more with fewer logistical roadblocks.

Our clients get more value from their steering committee activities because of in-platform language translation, AI-powered moderation assistance, and proactive prompts to ensure participation.

Increase the impact of your steering committee activities by using them alongside a Within3 resource center or collaborative community to disseminate important information and maintain ongoing engagement.

Powerful engagement tools

Drive better conversations

Engage truly global audiences regardless of location or language differences. Use pre-recorded videos, upload resources, and gather feedback with a variety of question types and prompts.

More collaboration options

Extend your impact

Use asynchronous discussions with a resource center or collaborative community to maintain engagement with KOLs and other essential stakeholders.

AI-supported reporting

Monitor results

AI-supported data analysis and reporting help you refine future conversations and achieve your committee’s objectives.

Business Results

Accelerated insights

Engage participants on a flexible platform for more efficient meetings and shorter turnaround times. Support your strategy with more frequent and effective touchpoints to achieve better results.

More impactful engagement

Committee members contribute when and where it’s convenient for them.

Use time more effectively

Our 24/7 environment makes it easier to engage committee members. AI-powered analysis and reporting reduce your workload by up to 90%.

Client Results

Unlock the transformative power of insights

Discover how insights management can transform your business operations and accelerate key milestone achievements.

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