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Virtual Advisory Boards

Within3’s virtual advisory boards deliver insights that other engagements can’t – with 24/7 accessibility, structured dialogue, and total security and compliance. Our AI-powered Moderator Assistant saves you time and drives better conversations. It’s so much more than just another ad board.

The world’s top 20 pharmaceutical companies count on Within3’s advisory board expertise to help bring new therapies to market. Clients get higher-quality feedback and better participation rates than other in-person or virtual engagements.

Client success support is always included to ensure every aspect of your advisory board is aligned with your strategy. Combine advisory boards with other platform components for even more powerful engagements that deliver organizational impact.

Powerful engagement tools

Drive better conversations

Engage truly global audiences regardless of location or language differences. Use pre-recorded videos, upload resources, and gather feedback with a variety of question types and prompts.

AI-powered moderation

Save time, maximize resources

Moderator Assistant summarizes discussions as they happen and makes suggestions to focus and refine the conversation. Achieve better results and focus on strategic work while your advisory board works harder for you.

Complete platform

Extend your impact

Use advisory boards in tandem with disease community landscape, social listening, or insights reporting so your team can have an even more strategic impact on the organization.

Business Results

3-7x more feedback

Anytime global access, in-platform translation, intelligent prompts, and easy-to-use discussion features deliver better conversations with more novel insight from your most important stakeholders.

Deeper, richer insights and engagement

Gain stakeholder insights while building stronger relationships with KOLs, HCPs, patients and other audiences.

Better user experience

When stakeholders have more time to focus and provide thoughtful input, you get more insight. Private questions and other features provide anonymity when needed.

Client Results

Unlock the transformative power of insights

Discover how insights management can transform your business operations and accelerate key milestone achievements.

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