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October 20, 2021

Event recap: AdvaMed Accel Leadership Seminar

How hybrid engagements yield quality insights and accelerate innovation for life science teams.

In February 2021, the US FDA announced the agency approved, cleared, or authorized 132 novel medical devices in 2020, a record high that surpassed the 40-year high set in 2018.

This achievement was made possible in part by accelerating the adoption of insight-gathering tools that kept important stakeholders engaged. As teams continue to adapt to paradigm shifts in how work gets done, how can better insights management – and primarily virtual engagement – increase value for medical affairs and commercial teams? What insights management strategies and tools should senior leadership of global medtech companies embrace as virtual insight-gathering techniques become the norm and start to mature?

At the recent Medtech Conference, a panel of experts gathered for the AdvaMed Accel Leadership Seminar to discuss these questions in a breakout session. The panel was moderated by Paul Snyder of Write2Market and included:

  • Kayla Rodriguez Graff, Co-Founder and CEO, SweetBio
  • Karen Scott, Client Services Director, Lead-Up
  • Kim Hale, VP, Medical Device Team Lead, Within3

How virtual engagement and insights management are evolving

There are many indications that in-person, face-to-face engagements like advisory boards, congresses, and patient advocacy meetings will never return to pre-pandemic levels. In 2020, organizations found more efficient, less costly ways to ensure innovation continued despite disruption to the status quo. KOLs gained a new appreciation for the convenience of virtual interactions and a taste for more time at home or in-clinic. In the AdvaMed Accel Leadership Seminar session, the panelists discussed top issues in this new reality, including:

How to prime an organization to thrive in a hybrid environment that capitalizes on virtual engagement’s value and capabilities as in-person opportunities re-emerge

  • Which ubiquitous virtual engagement tools will persist and become must-haves
  • Which tools fell short for medtech medical affairs and commercial teams, particularly in a global environment
  • What global medical affairs and commercial teams need to capitalize on hybrid engagement opportunities in the future, and how should senior leadership can prepare to support them

Listen to the entire session.

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