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December 13, 2021

One to watch: Digital capabilities can solve the insight gap

Catch up with us on video from industry events you may have missed. In this edition, learn how digital capabilities strengthen insight-gathering.
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Life science companies need deep, actionable insights to shape their business strategies. However, the process of gathering these insights can be tedious – to the point that it slows organizations down and compromises their ability to succeed. This time-consuming process can begin when teams are conducting KOL identification, a work-intensive process that can also be costly and have an impact far beyond a single virtual advisory board or other engagement. The life science insight gap – a problem that occurs when pharmaceutical or medical device teams miss out on valuable information due to fragmented processes – can bog down product development. How can new digital capabilities help life science teams succeed?

Fortunately, life science organizations are embracing digital transformation at a brisk pace, and there are technological solutions that enable insight-gathering in a more timely, effective manner. At the recent Re:Imagine Pharma Marketing event, Within3 Regional Vice President, Business Partnerships, shared how a more holistic approach to gathering insights can benefit life science.

From analyzing disease communities to identify relevant stakeholders to connecting them via efficient virtual venues and organizing outcomes into relevant insights, Within3’s insights management solution lets teams focus on work, not logistics, planning, or drawn-out manual processing.

Watch the discussion to learn more.

Digital Capabilities and Solving the Life Science Insights Gap from Within3 on Vimeo.

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