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May 22, 2023

Insights on insights: industry survey highlights

Medical affairs leaders speak out on the challenges and opportunities of better insights management.
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Medical affairs teams are at a pinch point. Inundated with data, at the mercy of disparate tools, and increasingly expected to supply insights to the entire organization, you need a better way to collect and organize information. We conducted insights management research among medical affairs leaders, and here’s what they had to say.

Insights management – the challenges

In our Reuters Health insights management survey, we learned that you’re dealing with a rapidly evolving environment. Data from field teams, social channels, patients, payers, and experts increases daily. You can’t be everywhere at once, so technology must lend a hand. But for some of you, that’s part of the problem. Solutions either don’t integrate at all or require manual data entry – sometimes more than once. And not all teams have access to all systems.

The good news

There’s no single way medical affairs teams approach data collection and insights generation. Teams told us they use a variety of file repositories, business intelligence tools, and databases to process information. But there is an emerging best practice – of those who say they use a single, central way of managing insights, 85% say that approach helps them work more efficiently.

But our survey also revealed that there are roadblocks to adopting a single, central approach across the organization. Many leaders said that major upfront investment in new systems and resources aren’t practical, and others cited the need to use existing legacy systems – in other words, to make do with what’s already installed.

Understanding what’s next

We want to dive deeper into the issues raised in the survey and hear from medical affairs experts who live and breathe these challenges. Join us on June 14 for a webinar co-presented with Reuters, where Within3 CEO Lance Hill will moderate a discussion with distinguished panelists:

  • Leona Blustein, Senior Director, Head of Medical Affairs Operations & Medical information with Idorsia
  • Michael Kahn, Senior Director, Medical Affairs Operations Leader with Spark Therapeutics
  • Vic Ho, Independent Medical Excellence Consultant

In “Bridging science and business: leverage medical insights to showcase true medical value,” we’ll examine the challenges and opportunities of insights management and explore how organizations can overcome common roadblocks to success. Register now to reserve your spot.

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