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September 27, 2021

Insights management webinar: What Life Science Teams Need Now for Faster, Better Decisions

An expert panel discusses why insights management is the solution to challenges like KOL participation and tight timelines.
Photos of Lance Hill, Mike Abbadessa, and Raymond Mankoski

From concept to commercialization, key life science insights are critical through every aspect of the drug and device development life cycle. In a recent insights management webinar, we discussed how gaining these insights has always been difficult and time-consuming – in an increasingly global business, it’s becoming even more complex.

To save time and build on existing relationships, medical affairs professionals typically engage the same KOLs repeatedly. While this may provide a level of familiarity, teams may be unintentionally limiting the insights they gather. And once input is collected, the notes and raw transcripts can take weeks to translate into actionable insights. Collaboration across the enterprise is often hindered by siloed data sets stored in different systems across multiple teams.

Recently, Within3 CEO Lance Hill and Mike Abbadessa, Within3 Executive Director of Clinical Affairs were joined by Raymond Mankoski of The NemetzGroup to discuss closing the life science insight gap to inform more efficient business decisions.

Highlights of the conversation included:

  • Live feedback from the audience on the biggest problems they face when tackling the insights gap – top responses included a lack of time and the difficulty of getting full participation from expert stakeholders
  • A preview of Within3’s insights management platform, which organizes insight-gathering in a single solution

Watch the insights management webinar.

Solving the Life Science Insights Gap: What Teams Need Now for Faster, Better Decisions from Within3 on Vimeo.

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