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November 4, 2022

Life science trend tracker #3

An ongoing series about what’s new in life science and how companies can respond.
life science industry trends

New trends in life science emerge all the time – and companies may be left wondering how to respond, react, or participate in a fast-paced industry. Here, we’ve rounded up some recent newsworthy items and suggested resources for further reading and learning. Let’s get up to speed.

The cost of a cure

EuroNews reports on uncertainty over the pharmaceutical industry’s role in the search for new antibiotics as bacterial resistance increases. Pharma organizations maintain that finding new molecules is too costly to warrant further investment and are asking the European Commission to extend the exclusivity period of patents for more profitable drugs to allow reinvestment in the search for new antibiotics. The downside of longer patents? Potential price hikes for patients and limited availability of exclusive drugs.

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A need for next-gen R&D

Politico discusses the need for Europe’s life-science sector to develop strategic autonomy in healthcare by improving the current research and development ecosystem. Fewer new treatments, therapies, and drug approval submissions come from Europe than from the US. Patients may miss out on the health and economic benefits that new medical discoveries bring.

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Data for better trials

Oracle partnered with virtual research organization ObvioHealth to more efficiently integrate diverse datasets into decentralized clinical trials in the Asia Pacific region. The partnership enables the rapid collection, integration, and analysis of multi-source data collected from sites, patients, devices, and labs. The partnership aims to get breakthrough therapies to the market faster and more efficiently.

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