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April 2, 2021

The roadmap to virtual engagement in clinical operations

2020’s seismic shift in communication strategies, tactics, and tools will have a lasting impact on life science clinical operations teams.

As the world prepares for an eventual post-COVID way of working, clinical operations teams are taking stock of last year’s impact on the current state of their virtual engagement strategy. Where does virtual outperform face-to-face? And beyond the pandemic, what will the right mix of interactions and technologies look like?

A diverse group of panelists recently shared their insights in “Experts Share with Experts: The Roadmap to Virtual Engagement in Clinical Operations,” presented in partnership with Marcus Evans Events:

  • Lance Hill, CEO, Within3
  • Nishi Kothari, MD
  • Blake Morrison, PharmD, VP, Global Medical Affairs, Turning Point Therapeutics
  • Dr. Om Sharma, Senior Director, Global Oncology R&D, Daiichi- Sankyo
  • Cornelius Winnips, Global Program Clinical Head, Novartis

Among the key takeaways from the conversation was the need for nuance in virtual conversations – something that isn’t always possible in typical video conferencing environments. “When eight to 10 physicians with strong personalities participate, they frequently talk over one another,” said Dr. Nishi Kothari. “Outcomes based on the quality of material in an over-time virtual environment are superior to other formats…generate much more nuanced, diverse viewpoints and will continue to do so even when face-to-face is available.”

The conversation also covered the power of combining real-time and asynchronous elements to create powerful end-to-end collaboration opportunities. “Evidence generation in a live webinar is a benefit to kick off a conversation. Carrying it forward in an asynchronous environment is more organized, more fruitful, more secure, and keeps important elements from getting lost,” said Blake Morrison. “The world has woken up to asynchronous pieces as having a lasting place in the overall continuum.”

To hear more insight from the expert panelists, watch the recorded webcast below.

Experts Share with Experts: The Roadmap to Virtual Engagement in Clinical Operations from Within3 on Vimeo.

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