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December 21, 2021

One to watch: Modernizing medical affairs insights management

Catch up with us on video from events you may have missed. In this edition, hear three medical affairs leaders share how they’re using insights management.
medical affairs insights management

Rising costs and accelerated timelines are constant struggles for life science organizations. In the quest to engage the right KOLs and make sense of the ever-increasing volume of information overwhelming healthcare professionals, chief medical officers know that their organizations are always at risk of missing an opportunity to deliver value to physicians. The answer to these challenges may be modernizing medical affairs insights management – with an assist from technology.

Recently, Within3 CEO Lance Hill was joined by CMOs from Eisai, ViiV Healthcare, and ASC Therapeutics to discuss how technology, specifically insights management, is changing the approach to insight gathering. In the webinar “Modernize your Medical Affairs Insight Management,” expert panelists revealed a glimpse of how they’re changing to deliver true value to HCPs.

  • “No longer do we have to go to agencies to do KOL mapping. There’s technology for that.” – Kirk Shepard, Chief Medical Officer, Eisai
  • “The importance of data collection and insights, and making them actionable is extremely important.” – Oscar Segurado, Chief Medical Officer, ASC Therapeutics
  • “The issue of speed can’t be over-emphasized.” – Harmony Garges, Chief Medical officer, ViiV

For more insight on medical affairs insights management, read the Twitter chat. You can also view the entire webinar.

Modernise your Medical Affairs Insights Management from Within3 on Vimeo.

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