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January 10, 2024

Got agility? Faster insights reporting is a game-changer for pharma execs

Pharma teams need to accelerate how they analyze and share information within the organization.
pharma insights reporting

Senior pharma executives are frequently forced to rely on partial information, significantly hindering their decision-making process. This lack of comprehensive data is not just a minor inconvenience; it can potentially derail the trajectory of life-saving therapies. What’s holding up better pharma insights reporting?

The current data analysis process: a time-consuming task

Kristen Bushka, Vice President of Within3’s Insights Solutions Group, shed light on the current state of data analysis in pharma. “It takes multiple data analysts to sift through all of their data, and it’s a very time-consuming process,” says Bushka.

Compounding the problem is that due to the labor-intensive nature of the analysis, many pharma organizations can only perform this type of analysis a few times per year. “They really need to be more agile than that,” says Jaclyn Clark, Head of Product Marketing at Within3.

The solution: a better insights management approach

Research from Reuters Health recently revealed that while 61% of medical affairs leaders use technology to support their insights analysis reporting, only 8% say these processes are highly automated.

And despite using multiple technology tools ranging from spreadsheets to data visualization and business intelligence platforms, a remarkable 76% of medical affairs teams say that the way data and insights are shared and stored within their organization has created separate data silos.

For these industry leaders, technology exacerbates the problem it was meant to solve.

Watch a one-minute video to understand how Within3 helps pharmaceutical and medical device companies reduce their analysis and reporting workload by up to 90%, adding agility and freeing key people to focus on strategic tasks.

Learn more about evaluating and choosing an insights management platform with pharma insights reporting in our buyer’s guide.

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