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March 11, 2021

Reuters Events Pharma Webinar

Learn how one Within3 agency partner helps life science clients achieve 4x more insights, reduce time-consuming internal processes, and accelerate product development.
After a year of virtual-only, medical affairs experts share how they are preparing for a hybrid-ready engagement environment.

Last month, Within3 CEO Lance Hill and a panel of experts discussed how medical affairs teams can best assess performance across new digital initiatives, and what’s next as they move from virtual-only to hybrid engagement for HCPs, patients, and other important stakeholders.

Along with Hill, panelists for the Reuters Events Pharma webinar were:

  • Sonal Bhatia, VP, North America Medical Lead, Rare Disease, Pfizer
  • Eddie Guzdar, Medical Head, Neurology and Immunology, UK and Ireland, Sanofi
  • Kate Pietrovito, Director, Medical Operations, Varian Medical Systems

The panel discussed how to get the benefits of virtual engagement – increased efficiency, more actionable insights, reduced travel, fewer schedule interruptions – without adding to video fatigue and increased digital noise by combining real-time interaction with asynchronous participation. The top takeaways? Use the right virtual tools for what you’re trying to achieve, walk away from what doesn’t work, and when it comes to insight gathering, focus on quality over quantity. Watch the entire webinar below.

Reuters x Within3: Medical Affairs Webinar from Within3 on Vimeo.

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