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December 13, 2023

Congress strategic planning for the year ahead

You think about congress planning all year long – shouldn’t your tools and technology work on the same schedule?
congress strategic planning

We asked life science professionals what they wanted to know about getting better insights and how to use that information in their 2024 congress planning. The overwhelming response was strategic congress planning for the year ahead – how to use technology, people, and processes optimally to achieve results.

Our response? An expert-led discussion on why the traditional approach to congress planning is less practical than it used to be and how a tech-enabled approach can be more effective. Topics included:

  • The insight gap – how it impacts your ability to make confident strategic decisions
  • The current state of congress planning – roadblocks and drawbacks
  • How to integrate technology into your strategic congress planning process – before, during, and after the event

Do you have two minutes? Listen to Jaclyn Clark, Within3’s senior manager of global product marketing, discuss the discussion’s top takeaways.

Want to start building your strategic planning playbook? Watch the full webinar.

Video transcript

My name is Jaclyn Clark. I’m product marketing here at Within3. The topic of our recent webinar was strategic planning, specifically looking at congresses and planning for congresses. I think the top three takeaways from today’s webinar were changing the mindset from not just thinking about how you can leverage technology to strategically plan for congresses, I.E., leveraging technology to engage in conversations internally to plan for those congresses, but really incorporating strategically planning tech as part of your congress plan.

So how will you leverage tech at the congress to help you actually gather the most amount of insight?

And then of course we went through the main kinds of tech that that should be incorporated into that strategic plan, both as you plan for the congress, as well as for execution of the congress. So one of the key parts that we were driving throughout the webinar, really driving for the audience was to think about an insights management system as kind of the marriage of.

The people and processes and tech you’d need to use to best gather and manage insights throughout a year and how you can make those more efficient and more effective. And so that tech investment is a critical portion, but also being able to to head back from the webinar and think about what other ideas might have been spun from it to really think about how they organize the people on the team and how they best incorporate processes that allow them to most effectively leverage those pieces of technology that they love to invest in.

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