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December 5, 2022

The best of 2022

It’s here – the definitive list of our most-read blog posts, articles, and resources.
top 10 life science articles

We’re always eager to learn what the life science industry is talking about – and what you’re reading. In the spirit of end-of-the-year wrap-ups, we’ve combed through our most read (and downloaded) blog posts and resources from the year about to end. Have you seen and shared all the top 10 life science articles?

Check the list below and catch up on what you’ve missed. No surprise – insights management was the most buzzworthy topic of the year. Other high-ranking subjects included digital opinion leaders, the challenges and benefits of engaging global audiences, how to plan more successful medical congresses, and applying artificial intelligence to life science insight-gathering.

Top 10 life science articles and resources

1 Tech alert: 5 signs you need an insights management platform
2 Why life science is turning to insights management technology
3 Getting started with insights management
4 How life science companies create value with insights management
5 What is insights management?
6 What is a digital opinion leader?
7 For medical affairs, virtual = global
8 Are you suffering from a life science insight gap?
9 Congress planning best practices checklist
10 Artificial intelligence to deepen insights for medical affairs

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