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February 4, 2021

VEP Spotlight Series: Lead-Up

Our agency partner shares the lasting impact of a powerful virtual engagement tool.
virtual engagement for medcomms

The final days of 2020 showed us a bit of light at the end of the tunnel with the arrival of multiple COVID-19 vaccines that should eventually enable us to gather safely. When exactly that will happen is anybody’s guess.

With in-person programs and events on lockdown since March 2020, rapid uptake of digital and virtual engagement platforms not only kept the life science business going but proved how powerful these tools can be.

Lead-Up, an international medical communications agency serving pharmaceutical clients since 2003, spent time in 2020 to unlock the potential of Within3’s virtual engagement platform for increasing volume and specificity of KOL feedback in medical communications programs.

“There is no clear vision for when in-person meetings will be possible again,” said Lead-Up Client Services Director Karen Scott. “Though this translates into cost savings in terms of travel and logistics for our clients, it means we need to find new ways to work with target audiences to reach strategic goals.”

Time optimization and more focused insight

“No one wants to be in a four- or five-hour virtual meeting,” said Karen. “With Within3, we can offer clients a means to optimize a two-hour virtual meeting with a session before – to kick off a discussion and refine questions – or after, to address follow-up inquiries. For participants, the use of the WIthin3 virtual platform means being able to engage how they want and when they want from anywhere around the world. Moreover, for clients, the result is more comprehensive, focused feedback than a face-to-face meeting.”

Karen recently completed the Virtual Engagement Partner program to help ensure Lead-Up clients get maximum utility and value for their investment in the platform.

“As we grow in our knowledge of the platform’s capabilities we can better mold the experience for priceless impact from our clients’ programs,” Karen said. “We confidently estimate double the cost savings with double the volume and specificity of insights from KOL programs run on Within3.”

A unique value proposition for medical communication agencies

Karen also believes that tailored client support contributes to the success of programs conducted on the Within3 platform. “The Within3 client success team helps orient, accelerate, and organize each program, saving me a considerable amount of time,” she said. “The ability to offer a high value, unique experience to a client or prospect places Lead-Up at the forefront for advising our clients on how best to achieve their goals in this constantly evolving digital world.”

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