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August 6, 2021

Webinar recap: A Transformation of Pandemic Proportions for Clinical Teams

Experts share how their engagement strategies will continue to evolve.

Before the pandemic, clinical teams were exploring alternatives to in-person meetings, but many needed proof before building virtual into their strategy. When COVID-19 canceled or postponed in-person advisory boards, investigator meetings, and other critical activities, teams found themselves without the ability to connect globally. Forced to adapt quickly, a transformation occurred when clinical team strategies took up asynchronous and real-time virtual engagement.

Magalie Taiel, Chief Medical Officer for Gensight Biologics and Lars Rosendal, VP & Head of Global Clinical Operations for LEO Pharma, joined Within3 CEO Lance Hill during the recent Proventa Clinical Operations Strategy Meeting to talk about what they learned about clinical engagement strategies over the past year during this digital transformation. Highlights included:

  • “How we worked together changed [drastically],” said Taiel. “If I had to write a [clinical trial] protocol today, I would think very differently compared to two years ago. Because we faced these challenges in real life, I think it is now a priority to build out clinical trials in new ways.”
  • “We will think twice about traveling,” said Rosendal. “For clinical activities, I will look at each visit and ask, is it worth doing and does it make sense? We can make our trials a better experience for the patient [if we ask and answer these questions thoughtfully].”

Watch the entire discussion.

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