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November 18, 2022

What is an insight?

The difference between information and insights is distinct and increasingly important to life science leaders.
what is an insight
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It’s a discussion we hear at events, in industry roundtables, on expert webinars, and from customers: what is an insight? Pharmaceutical and medical device teams collect information, compile data, and record observations – but none of these are insights on their own. We wondered: if teams are trying to achieve alignment on what insights are, don’t they need a way to reveal them quickly and put them to work more effectively?

Insights are pivotal points that change how life science teams address a problem. They significantly impact business decisions and patient outcomes, and revealing them more efficiently is an ongoing challenge. Insights change behavior. And with more information sources and data available every day, it’s never been more critical to streamline finding actionable insights.

Within3 understands this challenge. We developed the industry’s only insights management platform to collect, manage, and reveal more insights and enable better decisions for pharmaceutical and medical device teams. We know that only a tiny percentage of the information you collect will add up to an insight with impact – and we want to help you find them.

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