Within3 is a virtual engagement platform that gives stakeholders the freedom to engage and gather insights 24/7 from any connected device.

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Quickly uncover critical insights

Within3 Connect delivers vibrant discussions to quickly uncover critical insights. A goal-based interface results in thoughtful input from every participant—not just the talkative ones. Medical advisory, training, R&D, commercial, and other teams use practical tools like one-click translation, powerful moderator dashboards, and intelligent prompts to keep conversations alive and drive more actionable results.


Ongoing engagements with the people who matter most

Host ongoing engagements with the people who matter most to your business. Within3 Connect seamlessly engages people and data in a compliant, reliable environment that allows users to communicate effectively, share information freely, and provide valuable insights immediately.


Share and review data. Improve recruitment. Design more successful trials.

As clinical teams shift more interaction to virtual environments, ensure that your organization has the flexibility to engage critical stakeholders from around the world. Leverage asynchronous and real-time virtual interaction to tap into the expertise of investigators, HCPs, and patients to understand factors that lead to more successful trial outcomes.

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Collect critical input. Build relationships. Stay compliant.

Gather scientific information in a secure, compliant virtual environment. Find and engage with the right experts every time, without worrying about logistical roadblocks like language differences or overscheduling. Within3 Connect’s 24/7 access encourages intense focus and deeper, more actionable insights from every engagement.

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Test and refine messaging. Identify opportunities. Stay competitive.

What could you accomplish with the ability to quickly stand up an expert panel to react to new data, or to conduct market research with multiple audiences without complex and costly travel? Bring stakeholders together in an asynchronous platform that’s designed to elicit qualitative and quantitative insights to help drive business decisions.

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HCP training. Prototype development. Trial design and more.

Medical advisory, research and development, training, and marketing teams use Within3 to conduct advisory boards, steering committees, and HCP and sales training without taking more time away from busy clinicians and reps. Asynchronous discussion sessions plus live web meetings yield more insights for faster, more informed decisions. Give experts and other stakeholders the freedom to contribute knowledge without interrupting demanding schedules.


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