Access insights across geographies, teams, and experts. Take the guesswork or tedious analysis out of your engagements with AI-powered natural language processing to understand key concepts, scientific trends, and sentiment.

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The answers you need for confident business strategies

No need for fragmented tools and old systems—Within3 Discover brings all your Within3 Connect data into one place and uses AI to drive positive business outcomes. Detailed summaries and data provide a unique view to insights not attainable until now.


A dynamic feed of HCP insights

With view of insights across your Within3 Connect engagements, eliminate guesswork and tedious analysis by relying on artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and sentiment analysis to surface positive discussion or areas of concern. Drill down to view insights by geography, disease area, or expert type and get the answers you need to build confident business strategies.


Get more value from session input

At the cross-section of Within3 Connect sessions and HCP input, dive into what HCPs are saying and assess the impact of their virtual engagement responses. Search across sessions, therapeutic areas, geographies, drill into HCP profiles, and identify those you may want to engage in the future.


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Digital upskilling for medical affairs teams

September 17, 2021 | Blog | No Comments
Many teams don’t have the bandwidth for additional training, but effective digital tools are more accessible than you might think.
Photos of four medical affairs experts who participated in a webinar.

Webinar recap: The Hybrid Engagement Model for Medical Affairs

September 16, 2021 | Blog | No Comments
Within3 experts share what engagement practices medical affairs teams will carry forward post-pandemic.

Within3 Reimagines Life Science Communications to Address Insight Gaps with Industry-first, Holistic Platform 

September 13, 2021 | News | No Comments
Within3 Select, Connect, and Discover follow strategic path creating the Insights Management Platform

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