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MAPS Americas 2024: AI, the patient voice, transformation and ROI in insights

March 24, 2024
MAPS Americas 2024 Annual Meeting

The MAPS Americas 2024 Annual Meeting heads to San Juan, Puerto Rico, March 24-27, 2024!

From MAPS, “The challenges and opportunities for growth presented by a disrupted healthcare/industry landscape are reflected in this year’s meeting theme, ‘Inspiring innovation to drive strategic Medical Affairs transformation.’ Sessions will focus on building new competencies that individuals need to innovate within their organizations, while bringing together leaders and luminaries to identify emerging opportunities for Medical Affairs to guide the strategic transformation of industry.”

How can AI amplify the patient voice through medical affairs?

Artificial intelligence is a hot topic disrupting industries – including life science.

What should you know about AI and its impact on your organization? How can medical affairs leaders understand AI and use it to amplify the patient voice while improving day-to-day workflows and remaining compliant?

Included among the sessions at the MAPS Americas 2024 Annual Meeting is Within3 CEO Lance Hill, who will attempt to answer some of those questions as part of a high-priority session in strategic competency, “Amplifying the Patient Voice: how to design a robust, compliant patient engagement framework that incorporates virtual tools and generative AI.”

New FDA guidance is clear that patient experience, perspectives, needs, and priorities must be meaningfully incorporated into drug development. However, nearly 80% of medical affairs leaders still say they must hear more from patients. Technologies like virtual engagement, social listening, and AI offer intriguing possibilities to help medical affairs teams collect more patient insight, quickly analyze it, and use the results to make better decisions. To use these tools effectively, teams must create a compliant framework for patient engagement that does not expose their organization to risk.

Joining Hill for the session will be Lucie Williams, VP Global Head of Medical Excellence, IPSEN Pharmaceuticals.

Let’s talk in person about the power of insights at MAPS Americas 2024

If you’re heading to San Juan for MAPS Americas 2024 yourself, let’s connect. While asynchronous engagements are an area of our expertise, we can’t wait to see you in person.

The ROI of a better insights management platform

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