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May 12, 2024
Life science industry events

Let’s unpack the latest in AI, insights generation and associated ROI at MAPS EMEA 2024

Medical affairs is a rigorous profession. Your key opinion leaders, internal colleagues, leadership, regulatory bodies, and customers demand excellence. This occurs amid a high-stakes, constantly shifting global environment full of opportunities like AI that we all must consider.

Because medical affairs professionals across the globe rely on Within3, we stay closely connected to the Medical Affairs Professional Society and eagerly anticipate what we have to learn and share at MAPS EMEA 2024.

During May 12 – 14, MAPS EMEA 2024 takes place in Madrid, providing medical affairs professionals the opportunity to train the competencies and capabilities needed to deliver value to their teams and departments within the industry as well as to healthcare systems and patients — while highlighting and celebrating these impacts internally and externally.

Will AI stay the hot topic at MAPS EMEA 2024?

From a medical affairs perspective, can AI safely, compliantly, and effectively improve global medical affairs teams’ ability to generate strategic insights more quickly or frequently? As long as we understand its capabilities within medical affairs functions and workflows, use it where it provides the most benefit: moving quickly from data to decision.

A MAPS poll recently revealed that while 92% of medical affairs respondents say their organizations will definitely or possibly increase the use of AI in the next 12 months, 85% rate themselves as novices or advanced beginners in terms of using AI. With nearly all organizations facing the imminent introduction of generative AI in some area of operations, it’s clear that medical affairs must upskill in general knowledge of AI, how it can be used effectively in medical affairs specifically, and how to use it in compliance with emerging regulatory and legislative frameworks. While care and caution are necessary, medical affairs should not avoid the opportunity to be leaders and innovators in this area, so establishing a level of comfort and proficiency is imperative.

From Data to Action: Effectively and Efficiently Crafting Strategic Insights in Pharma

On Monday, May 13th at 10:45 at MAPS EMEA 2024, Within3 CEO Lance Hill will share key AI terms to understand and appropriate use cases for this technology within medical affairs. Then, using an example case study, attendees will identify opportunities where AI could be compliantly and successfully applied. Faculty, including George Tramountanis with Takeda and Martina Laus with BeiGene will guide attendees in how to evaluate technology providers, gain executive buy-in for using AI, and consider data safety and privacy in accordance with legislation like the EU AI Act.

Meet the Within3 team at MAPS EMEA 2024!

Within3 helps pharmaceutical companies, especially med affairs teams, reduce their analysis and reporting workload by up to 90%, adding agility and freeing teams to focus on strategic tasks. Our insights management platform commonly generates 100% advisory board participation, with more of the right KOLs on board and 3-7X gains in actionable insights.

Stop spending more time moderating, analyzing, and creating reports than you spend on high-value activities and generating actionable insights that move your team forward. Find the hidden costs of activities like engagement moderation and analysis. Then, employ advanced AI-driven technology that proves its ROI with compliance. Engage the right KOLs, maximize their time, and get more from your MSL meetings. Dismantle the data silos concealing insights needed to make high-impact, strategic decisions easier.

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