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September 26, 2022

Within3 in Pharmafield: understand the power of AI in life science

Within3 CTO, AI & Analytics Jason Smith talks to Pharmafield about AI technology in pharma, wearables, the impact of social media, and more.
AI in life science

Many businesses are still hesitant about leveraging the power of AI. However, AI is already making an impact in the life science space. This, in combination with insights management technology, transforms conversations that have been historically inefficient, time-consuming, and incorrectly targeted.

In Pharmafield, Within3 CTO, AI & Analytics Jason Smith wrote about how AI and other technologies are helping to highlight the patient voice and changing how pharma companies listen.

AI allows pharma teams to facilitate a more in-depth, analytical overview of dozens of information streams. By doing so, it massively reduces the chances of missing any essential information. By creating deeper, more actionable insights, AI enables teams to strategically focus on education to help healthcare providers understand their products better.

While this may seem complex, it becomes much less intimidating when considering how AI and popular consumer devices like wearables work together. AI may indirectly reduce the administrative load by speeding up the time for patient insights and helping to keep people on the right track.

Smith explains the patient benefits side: “In its simplest form, AI allows pharma teams to pull together different scientific understandings that they can apply to various strategies based on the insights they collect. The technology allows pharma teams to concisely collate insights from their researchers to help bring drugs safely to market.”

Social media listening or monitoring with the help of AI can also help pharma companies gain the insights they need. These platforms allow for a freer-flowing conversation, which results in the collection of more meaningful and honest responses more quickly.

Read the entire opinion piece about AI in the industry. For more on how AI and insights management platforms can help pharma teams, read these additional thoughts from Jason Smith: Within3 in PharmExec: how artificial intelligence can help pharma teams collect and analyze data.

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