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March 18, 2022

Within3 in Pharmafield: Clinical trials should work smarter, not harder

Clinical trial recruitment boomed during the pandemic – now, smarter tech adoption is needed.
clinical trial technology

In the spring 2022 issue of Pharmafield, Within3 Senior Solutions Director, Community Planning and Optimization, Global Team Lead Meerim Almazbek writes about what gave rise to the clinical trial recruitment boom in 2021 – a rising sense of public responsibility, a more developed understanding of the trial space, and the availability of technology to make the process more effective and accessible. How can clinical trial technology continue to drive efficiencies into the trial recruitment process in 2022 and beyond?

Smarter tech with a patient focus

Many trial sponsors are rethinking patient engagement and prioritizing convenience for trial participants. When patients can participate from home – through remote monitoring, telehealth appointments, and asynchronous communication with investigators – they are less likely to discontinue participation. Decentralized trials also tend to encourage a more diverse pool of patients to participate.

Benefits for trial sponsors, too

Using technology to engage patients can also provide trial sponsors with a higher volume and higher quality of insights. Soliciting feedback in a private, compliant environment where patients feel comfortable disclosing sensitive information can give trial sponsors a more complete picture of how participants are experiencing their disease state and treatment. These same asynchronous collaboration venues can also be used to convene groups of HCPs and other key experts, and collate all feedback in a single system that can be shared across teams and geographies. With output saved in a single point of truth, sponsors can more easily identify areas of focus or concern and make faster decisions about next steps.

Read the entire article about new tech for trials.

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