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May 26, 2022

Within3 in Pharmafield: overcoming 3 key global collaboration challenges

As the industry steps up its fight against global issues, it requires global solutions.
global collaboration challenges in pharma

In Pharmafield, Within3 VP of Product Commercialisation and Training Natalie DiMambro writes about how overcoming global collaboration challenges in pharma is key to success in life science operations.

“When COVID-19 led to a surge of people working remotely, more organizations began to see the potential of global collaboration through virtual interaction. As more employers adapt to remote working and rethink traditional processes, the possibilities for global collaboration are more appealing than ever before.”

Research shows that it takes up to 15 years for a drug to be developed and approved for the market. Collaboration can be a key tool to reduce time to market, improve the efficiency of the pharmaceutical industry, and potentially improve patient outcomes. To do this, life science companies should work on tackling three key obstacles: finding the right experts, anytime communication, and language differences.

It’s clear that global collaboration poses multiple challenges to the life science industry. However, an increasingly digitized world already offers the tools to overcome them. The future of global collaboration in pharma offers a vision of a more inclusive world – it’s now up to companies to decide whether they’re up to the challenge.

Read the article to learn how life science organizations are overcoming these obstacles with a modern approach to insights management.

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