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December 7, 2022

Within3 in International Clinical Trials: AI-driven data can bolster patient centricity

Within3’s Jason Smith contributes to International Clinical Trials with an article discussing artificial intelligence, clinical trials, and patient centricity.
how AI amplifies patient voice

For many, the idea of artificial intelligence (AI) remains more closely associated with science fiction than any real-world application. But AI is all around us – from driverless cars and home assistants to robot vacuum cleaners and facial recognition software. And, of course, AI also finds countless uses across the life science sector. Now, life science companies are exploring how AI amplifies patient voice.

Writing for International Clinical Trials, Within3 CTO of AI & Analytics Jason Smith challenges some stereotypes around AI while exploring how the technology can support clinical trials and enhance patient centricity.

“AI can support and enhance what trial teams and other life science teams can accomplish,” writes Smith. “Key components of AI, such as natural language processing (NLP), support life science teams to better place patients at the forefront of clinical trials.”

Far from being a threat to people’s jobs, Smith sees AI as a tool to save time and effort while using data to help patients feel more valued. In his words: “AI isn’t here to replace work done by humans. It doesn’t try to, and in fact, it cannot.”

Smith sees three distinct areas where AI is set to transform life science, adding value to the clinical trial process and helping trial teams adopt more patient-centric practices:

“Natural language processing (NLP) to speed and inform strategic decisions, real-time insights to guide better conversations and yield better insights, and sentiment analysis to understand trends.”

You can read Jason Smith’s complete article in International Clinical Trials or check out our blog to learn more about how artificial intelligence impacts clinical trials.

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