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March 13, 2023

Within3 On the MAPS Elevate Podcast: Telling a Story About Your Data

Within3 experts share insight on how medical affairs teams can benefit from the data they collect.
KOL and HCP interactions

Capturing data from KOL and HCP interactions can be relatively straightforward. But unpacking the meaning from that data – and turning it into actionable insights – is a lot more challenging. For medical affairs teams, both the number of data sources and the quantity of data itself is growing all the time. But with the help of artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP), medical affairs teams are becoming empowered to make faster, more informed decisions.

On the Elevate Medical Affairs Podcast, host Garth Sundem talks to Within3’s Lance Hill and Ridge Foster about the importance of insights management, and how emerging technologies can help gather, interpret, and integrate insights to ‘uncover the story in your data’.

“The investments made in NLP over the last several years, in life science in particular – and medical affairs more specifically – have taken it from an interesting tool to something that’s become almost vital.” – Lance Hill, CEO, Within3

Later in the episode, the discussion drills down into what is meant by ‘the story in your data’ and how medical affairs teams stand to benefit by reading it.

“Really it comes down to understanding beyond the four walls of your organization. So, what are the topics that are trending? What are the experts in the field saying – whether it’s from a scientific perspective, a clinical perspective, or a research perspective?” – Ridge Foster, Global Customer Success Manager, Within3

If you’re interested in how artificial intelligence and natural language processing can help medical affairs teams make better decisions, you can listen to the full episode on the Elevate Medical Affairs podcast channel. If you’d like to find out more about these emerging technologies, you can read our blog post on AI in clinical trials.

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