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October 6, 2021

Within3 CEO Lance Hill on insights management in PharmaTimes

How insight gaps contribute to spiraling costs and long timelines – and how an insights management platform solves the problem.
Insights management in PharmaTimes image depicting lightbulbs

Within3’s CEO, Lance Hill, discusses insights management in the PharmaTimes article “Fixing the insights gap.”

For the life science sector, insights are fundamental truths about customers that give a better understanding of the patient. When used effectively, they can open new markets, accelerate product development, and strengthen relationships between patients and KOLs. But right now, they aren’t being used effectively. We call this the life sciences insight gap – when insights aren’t collected, shared, or utilized properly. “The insights gap is holding the life science industry back,” says Hill. “Identifying who to target, how to target them and what to do with the results are all critical elements in good decision making, and right now, life science companies are falling short.”

Hill explains how to solve the insight gap with a more holistic approach to insight-gathering – and why Within3 launched the first insights management platform for the life science industry. “At Within3, we know the importance of these insights in delivering drugs to patients. That’s why we’re working to fix this problem, ” says Hill. “The platform…will allow companies to close the insights gap across the full development process. For too long, life science companies have had minimal help in fixing this problem, so we’re out to change that.”

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