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October 6, 2022

Within3 in The Medicine Maker: insights management for R&D gains

Adopting solutions that provide human-centric knowledge will be the key to increasing the value generated from the pharmaceutical industry’s tech investment.
insights management R&D gains

Within3 SVP of Insight Analytics Tony Page writes in The Medicine Maker that although life science companies have invested billions in clinical R&D technology, issues like trial design, site selection, staffing, budgets, and regulatory approval still persist. Page writes:

It’s a sign that something needs to change. Evidently, current approaches to R&D tech investments are not helping life science companies generate the insights they need to make informed decisions.

Where and how can that investment improve? And what can organizations do to ensure clinical teams get the necessary insights?

Page says the issue is not the amount of money but how and where it’s being spent: robotics, data analytics, and digital therapeutics. These are all promising areas with significant potential for enhancing the clinical trial and drug development processes. But what’s missing is the human element: the patient’s voice, the healthcare provider’s (HCP) voice, and the voice of the customer. To maximize the value of tech investment, to address some of these longstanding issues, and to unlock actionable insights, the clinical R&D space must pivot to a similarly people-centric approach.

Now, companies should use more human-centric insights management technologies to deliver true return on investment for clinical teams, including network analytics, social listening, asynchronous virtual engagement, and natural language processing.

Read the full article at The Medicine Maker.

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