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November 17, 2021

Within3 in Journal of mHealth: How Med Tech Improves the Public Image of Pharma

Pharma success is dependent on the trust of the public, patients, and trial participants. Tech can help companies maintain a positive image and constituent trust.
med tech improves pharma's public image

In the Journal of mHealth, Phillip J. Meister, Within3 Vice President, Business Development – EU and APAC, writes about how med tech improves pharma’s public image. Better insights management can help pharma organizations increase and maintain trust among their most important stakeholders, including patients. He writes:

“In a year characterised by a rapid response to a global pandemic, the industry enjoyed a sizable approval bounce. 56% of the British public have a more favourable impression of the pharmaceutical industry than they did at the beginning of the pandemic. Presenting scalable solutions to global problems provided most people with cause to change their opinion. To put it simply – pharma are the heroes, for now.

But how long is that set to last? Cyber-attacks and recent news regarding price increases may signal a change in public opinion. If pharma is going to capitalise on this approval bounce, there needs to be a collective shift from past behaviours. For many companies, med tech tools will be the root of sustained progress in the right direction.”

Meister goes on to say that scalable solutions to global problems, driving efficiency in the supply chain, and data compliance hold the keys to building public trust and that med tech improves pharma’s public image by offering benefits to all of these critical components.

Read the entire article.

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