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August 5, 2020

Medtech News on WFH, digital engagement, and remote trials with Within3

Lance Hill, CEO at Within3, and Richard Warren outline how life sciences companies can be successful with remote clinical trials and other virtual engagements.
virtual engagement

MedTech News spoke with CEO Lance Hill about how the future of life sciences will be digital, including virtual engagement between pharmaceutical and medical device companies and HCPs, as well as between HCPs and patients. “There is a misconception that meaningful relationships and innovative collaboration can’t happen online but that isn’t true. It does, however, require the right technology and the right people who want to make it work.”

Looking further ahead, the engagement model could change even more. In-person physician access may never return to pre-coronavirus levels. Field reps may need to permanently change to a more digital-centric model. This could result in reps adjusting their working hours so they’re available when doctors are most engaged with new content. Or maybe sales teams will become more reliant on bespoke content as HCPs expect more real-world evidence on potential treatments.

Add the impact of COVID-19 – and the fact that 70% of healthcare professionals will be digital natives by the end of 2020 – and it’s easy to see how remote clinical trials might soon be the new normal. And as consumers continue to drive the adoption of virtual tools through telehealth appointments and other virtual check-ins, more physicians and other healthcare providers will become more accustomed to interacting through virtual means.

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