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April 6, 2022

Within3 on MAPS: Modern Insights Management

Medical affairs organizations can modernize their operations in the pre-launch and launch phase by harnessing insights management technology.
Modern insights management

On the MAPS Content Hub, a Q&A with Within3 CEO Lance Hill reveals how medical affairs teams can build on their role as a value center within the wider organization, and how they are positioned to lead operational transformation efforts with access to real-time insights and global visibility, often in a more cost-effective way than traditional methods, with modern insights management.

“Historically, it’s been difficult for Medical Affairs to demonstrate value – to show ROI to the groups left and right of them. A lot don’t see Med Affairs as a strategic asset. They see it as a cost center. It’s not sales. It’s not R&D,” says Hill. “But when you step back, you see that Med Affairs brings an understanding of the market and disease community – and is positioned to translate the heavy science coming out of R&D to what it means to patients and physicians.”

Hill goes on to discuss the value of insights and how insights management can strengthen medical affairs’ value provision. “My definition of insights is things you are learning that can inform your strategy…the ability to gain and harvest insights is a fundamental pillar of what makes medical affairs valuable.”

To learn more about how medical affairs teams can benefit from diversifying insight sources, harness insight in near real-time, and how technology enables modern insights management, read the article.

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