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April 8, 2022

Within3 in the MSL Journal: Is AI the Key to Stronger MSL Relationships?

Within3 CEO Lance Hill and Executive Director, Medical Affairs Mike Abbadessa in the Journal of the Medical Science Liaison Society.
scientific data in medical affairs

Medical science liaisons (MSLs) must combine technical expertise with strong relationship-building skills, and striking this delicate balance is far from straightforward. Recently, an exponential increase in the quantity of scientific data in medical affairs has meant that staying on top of the latest developments has become a full-time occupation for many teams.

A new article in The MSL Journal explores the ever-growing burden on MSLs, and how teams can effectively combine insight generation and relationship cultivation through the implementation of AI-powered technologies.

The article mentions Within3 in relation to a study that sheds light on just how time-consuming insights reporting alone can prove for MSLs:

“A recent time and motion study at a top 10 pharmaceutical company showcases how this burden is reflected in the valuable MSL insights generation and analysis (Hill & Abbadessa, 2021). A Medical Affairs executive from this organization demonstrated that the MSL insights monthly reporting alone took 185 hours to complete, which is more than the equivalent of one full-time employee annually (Hill & Abbadessa, 2021).”

The MSL Journal piece goes on to examine how artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing are enabling new possibilities for MSLs – effectively lightening the burden of time-consuming manual processes.

You can read the full article in MSL Journal, or learn more about how AI can deepen insights and strengthen engagements in medical affairs.

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