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January 14, 2022

Within3 in Journal of mHealth: Virtual engagement builds trust for CROs and sponsors

Trust between clinical research organizations and sponsors is essential for running successful clinical trials.
virtual engagement CROs and sponsors

In The Journal of mHealth, Meerim Almazbek, Senior Solutions Director, Community Planning & Optimization, Global Team Lead, writes that pandemic lockdowns, hybrid models, and a hesitancy to do in-person meetings compromised the relationship between clinical research organizations (CROs) and sponsors. In fact, at the peak of the pandemic, clinical research decreased by around 87%. Fortunately, virtual engagement for CROs and sponsors bridged the gap.

When traditional in-person meetings came to a near-halt, CRO teams still needed to maintain communication and ensure sponsor team members had adequate input into the trial as well as visibility over the trial’s progress. When CRO teams shifted to digital tools like virtual engagement and insights management technology to take the place of a more in-person approach, they also learned that in many instances, technology helped create a deeper connection despite the lack of physical contact.

Virtual engagement platforms aren’t a solitary experience – nor is a trial. While workers are physically completing tasks alone, there still must be balance around the needs of multiple stakeholders. Virtual engagement platforms are built to encourage collaboration, and in addition to hosting more vibrant virtual conversations, can also provide users with the opportunity to edit and review key documents in real time. These capabilities can remove the physical distance between stakeholders, and as a result, streamline processes throughout trial development and execution.

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