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February 21, 2022

Within3 in PharmaTimes: What role for virtual engagement in 2022?

Changes to work practices forced by the pandemic have highlighted the necessity – and benefits – of digital approaches for widening contacts and improving trials.
virtual engagement predictions

Mike Abbadessa, Within3 Executive Director of Medical Affairs, writes in PharmaTimes about how tech adoption already underway prior to 2020 was accelerated overnight when the pandemic changed ways of working forever. Innovations that were on the rise for life science – decentralized clinical trials, hybrid virtual and in-person medical congresses, and increased patient engagement, among others – progressed quickly from experimental to must-have status. What other virtual engagement predictions are ahead for life science in 2022?

The rise of insights management

This discipline will become a top priority in 2022 as pharmaceutical and medical device companies look for ways to do more with less and use insights from experts, patients, and peers to drive business strategy.

A better way to do expert selection

KOL identification is evolving with the help of technologies like social media monitoring and network analytics, which set aside the long-accepted “old is gold” rule in favor of finding the experts who are right for each specific insight-gathering opportunity.

Asynchronous engagement for higher-quality insight

Remote and flexible working arrangements will remain the norm as HCPs look to prioritize work and home commitments while continuing to participate in scientific exchange. Travel will resume, but KOLs and other experts will be more selective about which events they attend in person.

A boost to clinical trial diversity

COVID-19 brought clinical trial challenges into mainstream news. With the benefit of this newfound awareness and the availability of virtual tools to recruit, enroll, and engage more patients, trial sponsors and life science organizations alike will look for ways to improve clinical trial design from the get-go.

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