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April 27, 2021

Within3 Announces Acquisition of rMark Bio™

Within3 announced today the acquisition of rMark Bio, allowing for deeper access to and more efficient delivery of KOL and stakeholder insights to life science companies worldwide.

Combining AI technology with the Within3 platform will allow for deeper access to, and more efficient delivery of, KOL and stakeholder insights to life science companies worldwide.

Within3, the enterprise-wide solution for virtual engagement in the life science industry, announced today the acquisition of rMark Bio.

“At any given time, Within3 customers are generating thousands of global insights from internal and external stakeholders on the Within3 platform,” says Within3 CEO Lance Hill. “rMark’s intelligent technology pulls stakeholder insights from across the enterprise for reference and influence of new life science development projects. In doing so, it packages and delivers insights to life science teams in an actionable, measurable way – more quickly and efficiently than previously possible. When combined with the Within3 platform, our clients will be able to succinctly understand a 360-degree view of the scientific and market signals in their enterprises.”

The top 20 pharmaceutical companies and top medical device companies worldwide use Within3’s collaboration infrastructure to bring drugs and devices to market more quickly than ever.

In September 2020, Within3 announced a funding round led by Insight Partners that brought in more than $100 million to accelerate product innovation, fuel internal growth globally, and increase market share worldwide.

“Within3’s acquisition of rMark Bio accelerates our ongoing product innovation efforts,” Hill says. “We will continue to grow global market share while further enhancing our value proposition to existing and future customers.”

Life science companies using the Within3 platform generate four times greater insights than they would in traditional medical affairs, clinical/R&D, or commercial team face-to-face meetings. With more than 80 compliances features, translation into over 100 languages and a world-class client success team that is part of every single implementation, life science companies use Within3 as an enterprise-wide solution and their primary resource for stakeholder engagement.

“Immediate access to a large, global life science market, coupled with Within3’s triple-digit, year-over-year growth gives our technology the edge it needs to reach its highest potential,” rMark co-founder and CEO Jason Smith says. “Our teams are diving in headfirst to begin to realize the full slate of opportunities our combined technologies can offer.”

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