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January 25, 2023

Within3 in MedCityNews: the year ahead for pharma

What will the pharma industry face in the year ahead? Our expert shares her thoughts.
the year ahead for pharma

Natalie Mambro, Within3 Vice President of Product Commercialization and Training, writes in MedCityNews about the year ahead for pharma.

Yes, technology will be important among other pharmaceutical industry trends. But the maturity of that tech will matter most to life science companies. “Next year, pharma companies will begin putting both minds and money behind the push to put insights management into the spotlight as a strategic business pillar,” writes DiMambro, adding that a critical component will be a better understanding of how artificial intelligence can support people working within pharmaceutical companies.

Tech will also continue to play a role as the industry resumes much of the pre-pandemic normalcy it enjoyed in in-person meetings and conferences because teams are still challenged to collect insights gathered in face-to-face settings.

“How are important observations collected and shared, and how will that information make its way into the mix with data from other channels, like virtual meetings and social platforms?” DiMambro asks.

“As organizations balance traditional and tech-enabled ways of working, technology will stay in the picture to add process and consistency.”

“Many pharma and medical device companies will look inward, with the goal of standardizing and modernizing even highly regulated activities. They’ll lean into new approaches for specific challenges, and apply purpose-built technology across drug and device development.”

Read the article to learn more.

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