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August 12, 2022

Within3 in PharmExec: how artificial intelligence can help pharma teams collect and analyze data

Within3 CTO, AI & Analytics Jason Smith talks to PharmExec about AI, compliance, and the patient experience.
how AI can help pharma teams

Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of a host of new insights management technologies – which also includes network analytics, social listening, and asynchronous virtual engagement – providing significant value for pharma teams. Speaking to PharmExec earlier this month Jason Smith, Within3’s CTO, AI & Analytics, discussed exactly how AI can help pharma teams, what hurdles must be cleared to achieve implementation, and how patients stand to benefit.

“Where [AI] really helped accelerate the patient is in their voice… Then, using our natural language processes, we’re able to summarize and understand that voice and amplify that back through our reporting and into the pharma customer.”

“We think between those channels, while it’s not direct to the patient application, it’s still helping enhance the patient’s voice.”

Smith goes on to discuss the difficulties of seeing past the noise of sentiment and emotion on social media and through to scientific fact – as well as the regulatory issues he’s encountered while building AI data sets, and where the best sources of information can be found.

You can read the entire PharmExec Q&A and for a deeper dive into how pharma teams can use artificial intelligence applications, read our blog post: how artificial intelligence is changing drug development.

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