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June 23, 2021

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Within3’s Meerim Almazbek makes the case for developing a diversity mindset in the pharmaceutical industry to improve everything from insight gathering to trial design.
diversity in life science

Meerim Almazbek, Within3 Senior Solutions Director, Community Planning & Optimization, Global Team Lead, writes in PharmExec about how pharmaceutical companies can expand their commitment to obtaining broader perspectives by ingraining diversity in life science throughout the product development process and viewing more activities through the lens of inclusion.

Pharmaceutical teams look outward — to both key opinion leaders (KOLs) and patients — for feedback and direction on critical projects that have wide-ranging ripple effects. In a global organization, it makes sense to include global voices — and harnessing a more diverse stream of input based on real-world experiences benefits all participants.

By identifying opportunities to be more inclusive, pharma companies can better understand HCP and patient experiences, learn more about the markets they serve, and improve patient outcomes while building a competitive advantage. Many companies are tackling this challenge by implementing insights management technology to help better understand disease communities, patients, and HCPs while creating more welcoming and accessible spaces for productive and thoughtful conversations.

Read the entire article or learn more about how insights management technology helps increase trial diversity.

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