Within3 Connect is the most complete virtual engagement solution for life science companies – from expert selection and engagement design to results-oriented discussions and actionable next steps.

Product details


A single strategic platform

  • Lose the meetings mindset – work with a tool you can use all year, for multiple projects
  • 60+ use cases for clinical R&D, medical affairs, commercial, and other teams
  • Dedicated team of insight-gathering strategy experts on every implementation, with access to best practices and successful project design from more than a decade of experience
  • Purpose-built for the life science industry, with a global reach and obsession for compliance and privacy


Quickly uncover critical insights

One-off meetings and disorganized logistics won’t drive your business strategy – you need a solution that lets you hear as many voices as possible. The Connect virtual engagement platform enables ongoing online discussion and collaboration. Engage multiple audiences across multiple channels to get the answers you need.


Engage the best experts

Engage more of your experts to diversify insights and voices in a flexible engagement platform that enables thoughtful participation on their own schedule, over a period of days or weeks.


Drive quality conversations and collaboration

Enable better conversation through familiar, simple digital interaction. Provide new tools that increase engagement. Facilitate better global collaboration.


Gain better insights

Get immediate insights in ongoing online discussions, with the option to expand topics or add questions throughout. Our team provides an actionable summary to drive quick, effective decision-making and opportunities for continued conversations.


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Getting started with insights management

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The first step is changing the way you think about the insight-gathering process.
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Within3 in Journal of mHealth: Medical Affairs Should Work with Digital Influencers

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Medical affairs teams can construct a more complete scientific narrative by branching out beyond traditional KOLs.
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What is insights management?

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Gathering impactful insight is key to life science success. How can technology help translate insight into business value?

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