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Within3 Connect Product Details

Engage the right experts. Get the insights you didn’t know you were missing. Make better, faster decisions.

WITHIN3 Connect– Product Details

Multiple channels, limited insights. Sound familiar?

These are the realities of today’s insight-gathering initiatives. In a world where time is precious and competition for attention is fierce, life science organizations need a purpose-built platform that’s proven to drive higher, results-oriented engagement that produces better insights.

Within3 Connect is the most complete virtual engagement platform for the life science industry, from expert selection and engagement design to effective hybrid engagements and actionable next steps.

Key benefits of Within3 Connect

60+ use cases, across the product development timeline

A single virtual engagement platform for a multichannel world

Insights can come from almost anywhere – and that’s kind of the problem. From global disease communities to 1:1 physician interactions, insights and data accumulate quickly. Now, you can organize and contextualize insights across your team or enterprise in a single, customizable platform.

Within3 Connect accommodates all of your insight-gathering activities – even if they’re all different. Our platform offers easy configurations and endless possibilities, with our client strategy team on hand to make recommendations that help you get the best results. And unlike other online engagement tools, Connect offers a highly structured user experience that helps your audience know exactly what to do and when.

Expert identification

Our team provides a list of the 15 top advisors that specifically fit the goals of each conversation and relevant disease community. Built on the power of Within3 Select, including network analytics across diverse sources, we will identify top experts for your engagement – even if they’re outside your current network and reach.

Engagement design

You’ll be supported by a dedicated team of client strategy experts who bring years of experience and best practices for dozens of engagement types. We’ll recommend how to structure your engagements to get participants contributing deeper insights, so you get engaged responses that help drive decisions.

Virtual engagement

We built the industry’s best moderation and participation engine to maximize involvement and ensure robust input from every HCP, payer, patient, and peer you engage. You want insight from the world’s foremost experts – our platform helps them get invested in your conversations and contribute on a more meaningful level.

Insights analysis and delivery

Get personalized analysis with actionable insights after most Connect engagements. Within two weeks of each session, our team analyzes session transcripts and delivers an executive summary with actionable insights and recommendations for next steps. Our experienced medical writers take the burden off you so you can focus on critical tasks.

Key features of Within3 Connect

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