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virtual patient engagement

Best Practice Guide: Insights Management and Virtual Patient Engagement

Most life science companies say they are dedicated to improving patients’ lives, but this often stops short of engaging patients in a meaningful way during the product development process. Don’t miss out on this valuable source of information – learn five best practices for creating effective virtual patient engagements, based on our decade of experience working with top life science companies.

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secrets of virtual work

Unlocking the Secrets of Virtual Work

Want to learn how your industry peers are getting more work done while having fewer meetings? The answer lies in adopting the concept of virtual work instead of relying on video calls alone. In this white paper, learn the differences between virtual work and virtual meetings, what it means for pharmaceutical and medical device teams, and real-world examples of virtual work in action.

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Helping Clients Engage Virtually: 4 Best Practices for Agencies

Within3’s Virtual Engagement Partner program gives agencies the opportunity to have a virtual engagement solution at their fingertips to offer clients in brand planning. In this white paper, we draw on years of experience to pass along four best practices agencies can use in helping life science clients convert live meetings and events to successful virtual engagements.

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The Live-to-Virtual Pivot: 4 Best Practices

The events of early 2020 changed how life sciences companies do business almost overnight, forcing teams to convert live events to virtual meetings. But standing up a reliable way to meet with stakeholders online isn’t just a stopgap – it’s an investment for the future. Learn four best practices that will enable your team to make a successful switch to virtual meetings.

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