2022 Medical Device Virtual Engagement Trends + Industry Snapshot

medical device virtual engagement trends

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the medical device industry experienced severe disruption and ever-changing priorities. Challenged to develop and produce COVID-related products while keeping ongoing R&D afloat, the industry discovered opportunities for innovation, including increasing adoption of medical device virtual engagement trends.

Forward-thinking medtech team leaders will continue to rethink their strategies in this new environment, and those who take steps to innovate now will be positioned ahead of the pack. Let’s discuss some of the trends that will endure as medtech companies take a new approach to training reps, engaging KOLs and patients, and designing and conducting clinical trials.

Medical device virtual engagement

In this white paper, you will learn more about these persistent trends:

  • Training and internal engagement will stay virtual
  • HCPs and patients prefer engaging virtually
  • Clinical trials will explore new virtual territory

Industry challenges in 2022

Plus, get a high-level view of the main challenges the industry is facing in 2022 – including ongoing supply chain issues, regulatory changes and challenges, and the need for accelerated product development running up against slow and expensive research and development processes.

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