Using artificial intelligence to strengthen engagements and deepen insights for medical affairs

artificial intelligence medical affairs

Using artificial intelligence to help medical affairs teams strengthen engagements, deepen insights, and drive impact across the organization.


The global head of field medical excellence at a leading pharmaceutical company faced several challenges related to his chief responsibilities, which included providing strategic direction for global MSL functions and defining MSL business process operating procedures. His primary concerns included:

  • Ability to articulate the value his regional teams deliver to the organization
  • How much time teams were spending with the right KOLs, and understanding whether scientific information resonated with them
  • Fostering collaboration and partnership between global and regional teams
  • Balancing management of the compliance risk of scientific exchange with the need to gain field insights
  • Reducing the time and cost needed to read, evaluate, and categorize observations
  • How to consolidate and leverage valuable data


The Within3 insights management platform is designed to help life science teams increase the value of the insights they collect. The platform uses artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) to enable pharmaceutical and medical device companies to optimize workflow, remove barriers, and deliver actionable insights. In this case, the head of field medical excellence deployed the Within3 platform to his global field and leadership teams, which benefited from:

Create and deploy strategy. Leaders can structure and plan engagements to empower actionable insight collection. To ensure KOL engagements capture relevant observations, strategic imperatives can be established and deployed through field team members.

Scientific search. Within3 centralizes gathered observations into a single system and makes those observations and scientific discussions searchable – for example, by topic – through quick analysis and tagging.

HCP explore. In the Within3 platform, science-based HCP searches index well beyond the basic HCP attributes and enable views of key information about each HCP at a glance. Users can further refine searches with dynamic filters that update with every click, hinting to the next level of segmentation. Users can follow HCPs for regular updates or search the HCP’s activity feed, including activities like meetings and observations.

Meetings. End-to-end meeting capture capability is available for MSLs who need access to data on a global scale. Users can record detailed scientific discussions, record ad hoc field insight by capturing discovery observations, and help respond to requested field insights by capturing listening observations.

Sentiment analysis and concept extraction. Within3 automatically detects positive, negative, and neutral sentiment on a sentence level and extracts key relevant concepts of a piece of text using disease-area-specific natural language processing

Powerful analysis. View trends in real-time to facilitate quick action with the Within3 insights management platform. Trends are surfaced in one easy view to adjust pre-determined strategy or discover new concepts that surface.


Key results of the client team’s Within3 deployment included:

  • Replaced 400 hours of manual effort (reviewing, classifying, and preparing insight reporting) organization-wide by using AI classifications to identify emerging needs across the globe in real-time
  • Teams gained the ability to regularly fill knowledge gaps, leading to more productive engagements and better accountability to established processes
  • HCP search capability built specifically for medical needs to qualify KOLs, meaning time is better spent and teams are more efficiently executing against strategy
  • Comprehensive HCP view of internal and external activities, including engagements siloed across six regional CRMs, for a more collaborative process and shared decision making
  • Consolidated view of scientific discussions and field insights to keep tabs on topics being discussed, maintain accountability to business process, and provide more opportunities for team development

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