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Client Success

Creating a new standard of medical training program

asynchronous medical education program

Using an insights management platform to establish a new standard of medical training program in Latin America.


A medical affairs team wanted to create a new genetic disorder medical education program for HCPs across the LATAM region. Goals for the program included the following:

  1. To train and educate multidisciplinary professionals who assist patients with the disorder
  2. To train on techniques to assess patients, and help avoid injuries through early diagnosis
  3. To establish a new training standard for the LATAM region


The medical affairs team chose the Within3 insights management platform to host their LATAM genetic disorder medical education program. By using the Within3 platform’ asynchronous engagement capabilities, the team was able to deliver the training program to more than 560 HCPs across nine different countries and multiple time zones, allowing for flexible participation and engagement.

In total, the team hosted three medical training programs on the Within3 platform. Each program was broken into 13 different modules, with new modules released on a monthly basis to cover additional sections of the training.

The Within3 platform’s resource center component was used as a means of following up with participants, and as a repository for additional post-session resources and training materials.


Since its inception, the medical education program has become the core program of its type across the LATAM region.

The training program has proven so successful that one LATAM nation’s public health authority has requested it become the standard for treatment of the condition in the country.

Participants and instructors alike have reported benefits including time efficiency and ease of navigation, thanks to the Within3 platform’s intuitive, user-friendly interface. The partnership between Within3 and the medical affairs team was also highly positive, with constant touchpoints between the two parties allowing for the program to evolve and deliver the best possible experience for HCPs.

The client team reported active participation from HCPs, who were free to provide real-time feedback in the platform, ask questions, and offer suggestions as to how the training program could be improved. The team received very positive feedback from participants – both on the content of the training program,
and the experience of the platform itself.

Excellent methodology – super educational! – HCP participant

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