Best Practice Guide: Insights Management and Virtual Patient Engagement

virtual patient engagement

You and your team invest significant resources to engage physicians and patient advocates to understand patient needs. But while most life science companies prioritize improving patients’ lives, meaningful patient engagement can often fall short during the product development process.

What are some of the roadblocks to effective patient engagement? You might be concerned about compliance and patient privacy, while patients worry about timing and logistics amid busy schedules. Patients may also be reluctant to disclose sensitive medical information face-to-face or feel that typical patient experience surveys don’t offer an adequate forum for their personal experiences. How can your team move forward with effective patient engagement that benefits everyone?

Insights management technology is an effective way to manage patient insights as well as observations from key experts and HCP engagement. In a time when patients are more comfortable using digital tools to manage their health interactions, pharma teams can use asynchronous engagement applications to involve patients from the early stages of study design through product launch and post-market activities.

We’ve compiled a best practice guide based on more than a decade of helping teams like yours design effective patient interactions. Download the guide to learn:

  • Why virtual engagement is a good fit for patients’ needs, increasing participation and quality of insights
  • How patients can participate in product development, including trial protocol design, educational material development, and sharing their treatment experiences
  • Best practices for better patient engagement – choosing the right participants, conducting blind or double-blind sessions, developing questions to prompt robust discussion, maintaining confidentiality
  • Real-world examples of patient engagement success

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