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Client Success

Clinical Trial Training and Resource Center


A clinical operations team needed a better way to ensure that all Phase 1-3 clinical trial stakeholders had access to critical resources. Objectives included:


  1. Establish a single point of truth for site coordinators, investigators, and researchers to view clinical trial documentation and resources
  2. Streamline distribution of resources to avoid poor version control, confusing and redundant email chains, and other barriers to efficient communication
  3. Improve the overall clinical trial management process



The team used the Within3 insights management platform to create and host an online resource center and training hub where all clinical trial stakeholders can access resources related to various ongoing clinical trials.

When resource center members log in to the portal, they can navigate to the clinical study they are participating in to view study news, enrollment data, essential documents, and training information. Members also have access to information about upcoming or past conference activities, including presentations, critical clinical trial data, efficacy results, and other information. The resource center also provides external links to other systems – such as patient management or data management tools – that trial stakeholders frequently use daily as part of their workflow.



The clinical operations team has successfully used the resource center for several clinical studies worldwide. By placing all documentation, enrollment and recruitment updates, and critical training items such as videos and procedure demonstrations in a single online portal, the team can ensure that coordinators, investigators, and researchers have access to the most up-to-date information about their trials. Key results included:


  1. Created a single portal where trial stakeholders can access everything they need
  2. Eliminated inefficient workflows that could delay or interfere with clinical trial activities
  3. Established convenient navigation to other systems to streamline day-to-day work

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