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Client Success

Gathering quick, impactful field team insights with an asynchronous platform

MSL field team insights


A medical affairs team within a global pharmaceutical company wanted to understand the level of impact the COVID-19 pandemic had on the treatment of patients with a chronic condition. Due to sharply increased worldwide demand for medical services and supplies, the team knew it was possible that HCPs might encounter a lack of access to certain therapies or medical supplies for their patients. Another critical issue was an elevated level of concern about infections among patients with ports or IV lines. The team needed quick MSL field team insights to understand impact and make decisions.


The team wanted to quickly begin collecting input from HCPs based in the United States and share the resulting information with internal colleagues. The group used the Within3 insights management platform to create a survey consisting of several questions. Team members would complete a survey each time they had a conversation with an HCP. Questions posed to the HCPs by team members included What aspects of condition management are you most concerned about given the global COVID-19 pandemic? and What extra precautions are being taken during this time to minimize line infections?


By establishing a central repository to capture feedback collected from HCPs, the team quickly positioned itself to better understand the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on HCPs, their treatment decisions, and the availability of various therapies and supplies. The survey was left open indefinitely to allow medical affairs team members to continue sharing feedback from HCPs as events develop.

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