Confronting the Life Science Diversity Problem

diversity in drug development

Our world is getting smaller with the help of technology. But as digital tools and applications make it easier for us to connect with, share with, and understand one another, how can life science teams ensure they keep up? As boardrooms and C-suites become more inclusive, do patient-facing initiatives like clinical trial design and market research reflect the same diverse focus? And what is the impact of increased diversity in drug development?

According to the FDA, 75% of clinical trial participants are white. That’s a glaring issue for a process designed to determine how different drugs, compounds, and devices work for different people. A clinical study that assesses only a narrow subset of people will not produce a full picture of a drug’s efficacy or safety – with negative implications for both patient and manufacturer.

In this e-book, we’ll explore areas for improvement in the product development process, and how life science teams can use technology to work toward a more diverse and inclusive process with benefits for the business and the consumer. Learn how digital tools can be applied:

  • For patient engagement
  • During the clinical trial design and execution process
  • To enhance disease community awareness
  • To identify KOLs and other experts
  • Analyzing insights to make better decisions
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