Using a webcast to complement an asynchronous group engagement

Live meeting? Asynchronous discussion? You don’t have to choose either/or when it comes to getting the actionable insights you need. Webcasts and webinars can be powerful tools for HCP engagement, particularly when paired with asynchronous online discussion sessions. How can pharma teams use webinars and asynchronous engagement to improve insight generation?

We’ve prepared a quick guide on the most effective use of real-time web meetings when paired with async sessions, which take place over a period of days or weeks to give you and your participants ample time to discuss, follow-up, build consensus, and explore topics in exactly the depth you need. Download this convenient guide to learn:

  • The basics of getting key stakeholders in the same virtual room in an era of travel disruptions, busy schedules, and global initiatives
  • Why webcasts and webinars add to the value of asynchronous discussions by making the most of your stakeholders’ valuable “live” time
  • How the combination of live virtual and asynchronous virtual improves your team’s ability to build strong and productive HCP relationships
  • How to use webcasts or webinars to disseminate new data or late-breaking updates
  • Tips for increased connectivity and knowledge-sharing among global groups

Webcasts and webinars are a key part of an effective insights management strategy. Download your guide or request a demo with one of our experts.

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