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Client Success

Gaining HCP insights during a medical congress


A medical affairs team wanted to capture physician feedback about information being presented at a medical congress. The physicians, all specialists in variations of a specific type of disease, would be asked to provide input based on their observations at the congress.

The team wanted to understand the following:

  1. Current treatment practices and challenges
  2. Models of care
  3. Emerging data about disease variants


A live on-site meeting would not be possible during the event because not all physicians would be available simultaneously. The medical affairs team decided to use the Within3 insights management platform to collect information virtually from the physicians daily during the congress. The team set up three congress “huddle” sessions on the platform, in addition to a post-congress advisory board session. Physicians were invited to one or more of the huddle sessions based on specialization in different disease variants, and all of the physicians were invited to participate in the post-congress session.

During the congress, the medical affairs team uploaded copies of posters presented at the event. In the three huddle sessions, physicians answered questions about the poster presentations. This approach did not require the physicians to attend a live meeting during the event yet still allowed the team to collect insights in near real-time. The post-congress session enabled physicians to provide final thoughts even as they traveled home and returned to their regular schedule.


By using the Within3 platform, the team was able to achieve its objectives. Physicians were able to answer questions and provide feedback at their convenience, from any device. The medical affairs team was especially pleased that all of the physicians had the opportunity to participate equally, even those who were typically more reserved in a live setting. In addition, one physician was not able to attend the congress at the last minute but was still able to participate and engage with colleagues via the virtual platform.

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